Is Someone Reading Over Your Shoulder?
Campaign For Reader Privacy
Why does the ABA care about Reader Privacy?
American Booksellers Association

Our society places the highest value on the ability to speak freely on any subject. But freedom of speech depends on the freedom to explore ideas privately. Customers in a bookstore and patrons of a library must feel free to request books about health, religion, politics, the law or any other subject without fear that their choices may be made public. If they are uncertain that their privacy will be respected, they lose the freedom to buy and borrow the books they need to form and express opinions.

Booksellers have strongly defended reader privacy. In 1998, two Washington bookstores successfully challenged Kenneth Starr’s efforts to obtain Monica Lewinsky’s book purchase records. In April 2000, Denver's Tattered Cover Book Store went to court to block a search warrant seeking customer records. The justices of the Colorado Supreme Court unanimously suppressed the warrant.