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Oren Teicher (ABA), 800-637-0037, ext. 6611
Larry Siems (PEN), 212-334-1660 ext. 105
Judith Platt (AAP), 202-220-4551
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Washington, D.C., January 23, 2006—Thanks again to our Reader Privacy supporters for all of your calls and letters to Congress in the last year. In December, a bipartisan group of senators stopped a bill that would have reauthorized expiring PATRIOT Act provisions from coming to a vote because it failed to ensure safeguards to essential civil liberties.

In anticipation of the new February 3 deadline for the PATRIOT Act's reauthorization, the Campaign encourages you to contact your senators and representatives once again to ask them to support the Senate version of the PATRIOT Act reauthorization.

The American Library Association, a participating organization in the Campaign for Reader Privacy, has designated January 25, 2006 as National PATRIOT Act Call-In Day. Please take a moment to join this effort by calling Congress to support:

· the inclusion of language in Section 215 requiring a statement of fact linking the person whose records are sought to a terrorism investigation;
· the inclusion of language allowing a Section 215 recipient to pose a meaningful legal challenge to a FISA Court order; and

· the inclusion of language allowing a Section 505 recipient to pose a meaningful legal challenge to National Security Letter.

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Thank you for your support!